Introducing you to your Volunteers:

The centre is supported by a dedicated and loyal band of hard-working Volunteers, who can be found in the office, taking class bookings,  CIEH Level 2 trained volunteers cook and prepare lunches, serving refreshments, general portering/gardening work, D.I.Y, organising trips and events, to name but a few.

Volunteer Co-ordinators

Photo of Mary Savas
Mary Savas
Photo of Jean Waller
Jean Waller

Mary Savas and Jean Waller are the Centre’s Volunteer Coordinators. They are responsible for recruiting and supervising all Volunteers on site or at an outside event.  They take the time to interview and place Volunteers in the right post to ensure a harmony is met or a very important task and project is completed.  Review meetings, Celebration Meetings and Events happen throughout the year so we can change, improve, thank and enjoy the hard work of our wonderful Volunteers.

Volunteer Representatives

Photo of Gil Elsden
Gil Elsden
Photo of Maureen Gul
Maureen Gul
Iris Macer, Trustee Board
Iris Macer
Photo of Jean Waller
Jean Waller





These are your Volunteer Representatives. You will find one of them in the centre on most days so feel free to speak with them about any issue, problem or compliment regarding the Centre.

Their role is:

  • To represent both Volunteers and Members.
  • To attend Trustee meetings on your behalf and to report back via the notice board on all relevant points made during these meetings.
  • To liaise with staff and/or Trustees and represent your views as necessary.
  • To help to make the Ruth Winston Community Centre a great place to be for all.

Interested in Volunteering?

Without our Trustees and Volunteers the centre simply couldn’t operate. We are very grateful for their most valuable contribution. Opportunities are always arising for new Volunteers. If you are interested in using your skills to help us please come in and talk to us.