Membership Renewal at the Ruth Winston centre 2017/18

You are all probably wondering why you haven’t had your renewal notice yet. Well it’s because we have come up with a brand new system and new type of Membership and it has taken us a little bit longer than we would have like to get it all sorted.

So from the next two weeks you will see an envelope that will have inside it a membership pack which will include the following:

A letter explaining all about the new forms and types of membership as well as reminding you about the Annual Membership 100 Club.

Annual Membership form – we are asking everyone to fill in a new one as we are looking to find as many of you to gift aid against your membership and so that our new record system is up to date and clean as a whistle.

Patron Membership form – NEW for 2017 / 2018 and a way for us to raise some much needed funds at the centre.  Patron Members set up a standing order for £5.00 per month and are automatically entered into the Patron Members 100 Club with 3 large prizes. Looks just like the Annual membership form but it’s purple. With Standing Order Mandate.

Please choose either Annual or Patron Membership, you don’t have to choose both.

Gift Aid Form / Health Form – back to back printed sheet and we ask that you fill in as much as you can, if you wish to.

We do ask that you return the forms you do not use, we can reuse these.

There will be volunteers placed in a number of rooms of each day to handle the renewals during set times.  PLEASE BRING YOUR FORMS WITH YOU WHEN RENEWING – WE CANNOT RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP WITHOUT IT. As always we can take cards, cash or cheques but if you becoming a patron member then you can either set up your standing order yourself or fill in the form and we can do that for you.

Thanks everyone for your patience, it is much appreciated and we look forward to the next membership year which will be just as exciting and have a number of new classes coming your way as requested by you, our members.  Watch this space…………………….