Our Founder

When you pass it in the street, what do you see?

A house, grand, imposing, perhaps for a large family?

But not, it is much more than that – a true treasure chest

A gift from our founder, a magnificent bequest.

The inestimable Ruth Winston our founder, our muse

Would be celebrating her centenary and what would she choose

For her wonderful bequest, would she feel that her purpose has been fulfilled to its best?

Her dream was to provide for those whose needs were overlooked at that time

Those who were considered to be a bit past their prime.

This generous benefactor who had the vision to see

How those of mature years could benefit and be.

Ready to experience new avenues of friendship, development and learning

The use of new talents, abilities and even ambitions burning.

Some of these skills they never knew were there

And others, although they knew they had, just needed some repair.

It is certain that this lady, so talented and caring

Would be proud of the use, the encouragement, the sharing

To which her building has been put –

The vibrant life within its walls

Just waiting there for all to try, just waiting for their call.

Would she be pleased to see the way her gift has been used for the good?

Quite surely she would?


Yvonne Laws – Member, Poetry Group Leader, Drama Group Member

November 2012