Old £ 1 coins will be out of action after October 2017

Ruth Winston Community Centre are ready to take them off your hands

THERE are now more of the new, 12-sided £1 coins in circulation than there are round pounds.

The new pound coin has been described as the most secure in the world.

The new £1 coin has entered circulation as the old ’round pound’ is slowly withdrawn from use

When do the old one pound coins go out of circulation?

The old “round pound” will stop being legal tender on October 15 2017.

Here at the Ruth Winston Centre we are happy to take your old pound coins.  You will see collection buckets and tins around the centre, feel free to drop your old ones off, we’ll put them to good use and towards some much needed refurbishments and improvements to the rooms.

Don’t forget if you have money boxes around the house you might want to open them up and see how many old ones you have in them.

Thank you to you all, we are most grateful.